As digital technologies change the definition of what it means to be human, the relationship between physical presence, virtual identity and digital corporeality becomes more diffuse.

The work of Frenetik Void unfolds in a science-fiction environment, a post-human universe inhabited by mutating beings, hybrids in which limits are vanished. The suspended bodies in liquid natures build scenes of surrealistic airs. But if there is something that remains as a constant, it is the presence of humanoids that, as symbolic figures, represent multiple behaviors.

Franco Verrascina was born in 1994, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he works and resides. He has been connected to digital technology since his childhood due to his father's relationship with software development. Frenetik Void was born as a result of his artistic exploration in digital art. His works have been shown at many exhibitions including The Wrong Digital Art Biennale, Iconic Biennale and received international awards. 

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- Satelite 8 - cheLA / Buenos Aires, Argentina


-  "Levitate" Art Gallery - Godfrey Meyer

The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale / Mutant Club - Group Exhibition

- Iconic Digital Art Bienalle 

- Speculating The Fragmented Copy - Juan Covelli Virtual Gallery 

- Investigación de Cuerpos X - @Tango Espacio de Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Ciclo Oscilar 2, Collective Exhibition - @Osceanario Cultural, Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Asteroid Day - @Tango Espacio de Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Magma - @FADU, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


- Encuentro VRI - @La Confiteria,  Buenos Aires, Argentina

- Bienal - @FADU. Buenos Aires, Argentina

- ArteLamroth  @Vicente Lopez, Buenos Aires Argentina

Asteroid Day @Ultra hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale / This is Not a Map - Group Exhibition

Espacio Byte / Oscura DistorsiónIndividual Online Exhibition


- The Pancakes & Booze Art Show / Featured Artist Makersplace @Oakland, Californa USA 

Makersplace Opening / Featured Artist VR Gallery show @Cryptovoxels

A tokenized world 0xpo / Featured Artist Makersplace  @NYC, USA / Cryptovoxels

Knownorigin Opening / Featured Artist Knownorigin @Cryptovoxels


Visual Atelier 8

Interview for IN Fusion Art Magazine

Interview for ICONIC Digital Bienalle

Issue for SuperRare

SuperRare editorial


- 2nd Honor Mention Premios Artes Visuales Itaú  - Augmented Reality Category

- 3rd Prize Iconic Digital Art Bienalle - "Domestic - 2017"